LibreOffice 5.2.0 beta2 as a snap package

What’s been happening in your world?
What have you been up to?
— Arctic Monkeys, Snap out of it

So — here is what I have been up to:

LibreOffice 5.2.0 beta2 installed as a snap on Ubuntu 16.04
LibreOffice 5.2.0 beta2 installed as a snap on Ubuntu 16.04

The upcoming LibreOffice 5.2 packaged as a nice new snap package. This:

  • is pretty much a vanilla build of LibreOffice 5.2 beta2, using snapcraft, which is making packaging quite easy
  • contains all the applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, Base
  • installs easily on the released current LTS version of Ubuntu: 16.04
  • allows you to test and play with the upcoming LibreOffice version to your hearts delight without having to switch to a development version of Ubuntu

So — how can you “test and play with the upcoming LibreOffice version to your hearts delight” with this on Ubuntu 16.04? Like this:

sha512sum -c libreoffice_5.2.0.0.beta2_amd64.snap.sha512sum && sudo snap install --devmode libreoffice_5.2.0.0.beta2_amd64.snap

and there you have a version of LibreOffice 5.2 running — for example, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming LibreOffice Bug Hunting Session. And its even quite easy to remove again:

sudo snap remove libreoffice

This is one of the things that snap packages will make a lot easier: upgrading or  downgrading versions of an application, having multiple installed in parallel and much more. Watch out as there are more exciting news about this coming up!

Update: As this has been asked a few times: Yes, snap packages are available on Ubuntu. No, snap packages are not only available on Ubuntu. This text has more details.

Update 2: The original download included debug symbols and thus was quite big. The download now has 287MB. This post has all the details.


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  1. […] O LibreOffice 5.2 Beta 2 foi lançado recentemente e, como de costume, estava inicialmente disponível como DEB e RPM para distribuições Linux como, por exemplo, Debian e Red Hat, respectivamente. Contudo, graças a iniciativa da Canonical de tornar o formato “snap” universal, o desenvolvedor GNU/Linux Björn Michaelsen viu isso como uma grande oportunidade para disponibilizar a suíte de escritório como um pacote snap.“Então — aqui está o que tenho feito: Esta é uma das coisas que os pacotes snap vai tornar muito mais fácil: upgrade ou downgrade de versões de uma aplicação, tendo múltiplas [versões] instaladas em paralelo e muito mais. Fique ligado pois existem mais notícias emocionantes chegando!”, diz Björn Michaelsen em seu blog. […]

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